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Phlebotomy Training in a Lab Setting

The phlebotomist is responsible for obtaining blood samples for a variety of testing purposes. Because this is a very delicate process, extensive phlebotomy training is essential, especially to ensure that mistakes are avoided and the phlebotomist is able to obtain the blood sample without damaging the vein and causing patient discomfort or pain. What to […]

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Phlebotomist Certification Online Training

Phlebotomist certification online training programs are designed to prepare graduates to draw blood safely and painlessly. In order for a student to gain the type of hands-on experience that’s necessary for this profession, all online programs will feature in-person requirements, but these can typically be completed at a local school. The phlebotomist can find employment […]

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How to Become a Phlebotomist in Under a Year

The amount of training required regarding how to become a phlebotomist can potentially vary from state to state based on phlebotomy certification requirements. This type of career can enable the professional to work with a wide variety of medical professionals performing blood draws at blood banks, hospitals, and other healthcare sites. As an example, a […]

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